If you finish replacing the toilet in your bathroom, you may be faced with a new problem. The disassembly and repair could cause the flange to increase in size. It then needs to be repaired. But to do this, you will need to use some necessary tools. What are the essential parts you need to provide for easy toilet flange repair?

The cutting saw and heat gun

The first tool you will need to use is the cutting saw. You will have to cut in order to detach the cables needed to have easy access. The PVC cable saw will allow you to cut the cables that are at the top of the strap. Also, the saw could be useful for sawing the ties that are on the floor if they are stuck. This first tool is therefore crucial as it allows you to access the toilet flange. Click on our blog link to find out more. The heat gun makes your job easier. With its heating capacity, you can quickly heat the pipes to your needs. As soon as the hose is heated to the top, you can walk on it. But you have to be careful not to break or damage it.

The other straightening and fixing tools

For the job to be effective, you need to dismantle your toilet. To do this, you will need a spanner. This will allow you to unscrew the nut. It will also allow you to loosen the fixings at the base of the toilet. You can also use a screwdriver. If you have paid for a new flange, you will need a tape measure. Finally, you will need a spatula and a wax ring. These will enable you to do the finishing work. You can also provide a rubber seal.