Many dog owners are now serving CBD to their dogs. To do this, you don't just jump into it. You need methods to do it right. These are the methods that we are going to introduce to you in this article, so that you can simply give CBD to your dog.

Serving CBD oil directly from the mouthpiece of the dropper

There are several methods used to serve CBD to your dog. So we're going to show you the easiest ways to give CBD to your dog. The first method we're going to cover is to give CBD oil to the dog. The oil is served directly to the mouthpiece of the dropper. Before doing this, you first need to determine the dose of CBD that your dog should take. 
Once this dose is determined, you can inject the oil tincture that corresponds to this dose directly into your dog's mouth. You must do this carefully, so as not to hurt your dog. Another technique you can use to serve the oil to your dog is to gently squeeze the contents into your dog's mouth. After that, you need to give him things of good flavors.

Making a mixture of CBD oil with any dog food

The other method of giving CBD to your dog that we are going to show you is mixing CBD oil with any of your dog's meals. There are some dogs that don't like the dropper method. So, you need to try the one that consists of mixing. To do this, choose CBD oil that has a natural taste. This way, your dog is not going to suspect anything while consuming this mixture.