What is a reference? Having a reference is very important because it has a great impact on the recruiter's decision. It is a person who will be able to answer the recruiter's questions seeking to confirm certain elements of your background or your personality. You must be prepared and have your list ready. Recruiters often call people you have worked with to ask about you.

What are references for?

Taking references has two objectives for the recruiter: "To ensure the veracity of the information given by the candidate, and then to refine the knowledge of the person: character elements, types of reactions in certain situations. By doing this, he will verify or validate the intuitions he has had about a candidate. This check should not panic you. It is to give a realistic image to the company that hires you. The reference would therefore have the same objective as personality questionnaires: to verify the compatibility of a candidate with the position, the company, and the work environment. But keep in mind that you need a certain reserve. Six unforgiving mistakes. Not giving any reference from a company where you have worked, not mentioning any hierarchical superior, giving the name of a hierarchical superior with whom you have been in conflict without mentioning it to the recruiter, giving references that you feel will be prejudicial to you, giving references that are too old (more than 8/10 years).

Notify your references at all times

Be sure to ask for permission from your references. They may not want to talk about you or be bothered. Give your references proper notice before giving their contact information to the recruiter. This does not prevent you from guiding them a little on the elements that the recruiter will insist on. Each interview has its own context and references. You should adapt the list of people who will talk about you to the position in question. This advice only applies to candidates who already have a multitude of contacts in small, medium, or large companies. Don't be afraid to give your references, a recruiter will remain courteous with your contacts and will rarely embarrass them (don't forget that he or she is taking advantage of the opportunity to promote themselves).