The market is full of a multitude of different dog collars. These collars are essential accessories for dogs. Despite the diversity of collars on the market, it is essential to focus much more on very comfortable collars, which are adapted to the needs and morphology of the dog. Since safety is also of paramount importance, you should also make sure that the collars are safe in any way.

Dog collars: the existing models

There are a variety of dog collars. Among them, we have the nylon collar which is now the most recommended model by professionals. It is very attractive, strong and practical. To make the best choice of a dog collar on the market, find out details from a professional and by doing research on the web. In terms of models, there is also the very aesthetic leather collar and the harness. There is also the luminous collar which is the most used nowadays. It can be used at any time, but it is much more useful at night. Indeed, it allows you to spot a dog in the dark even from miles away. With this type of collar, no more lost dogs during night outings.

The choke collar is generally used in dog training clubs. They are not suitable for everyday use or ethical use. Finally, there is the electric collar which is another form of barbarism that is strongly discouraged. It is used solely to control the animal through pain and fear, which is absolutely unnecessary and counterproductive.

The limits of the tethering collar

Each existing type of collar naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of weak points, nylon collars are not spared. It is a collar design that can in the long run irritate the skin and alter the dog's coat. They end up losing their appearance and therefore their aesthetics over time since the fabric tends to fray. As for plastic collars, they are generally of poor quality and have a very short life span. This is not so far from chokers whose chains end up rusting because of the poor quality. As far as the light collar is concerned, its real weak point is its fragility. This means that if the fragility of the collar is questioned, directly its duration of use is also questioned.