Kruger Challenge 2010

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Kruger Challenge 2010 – 100 miles, M-72 to Mesick

October 2nd

Start Time 8am

Clear quick current down the Manistee River starting at the M-72 bridge campground and finishing at Harvey Bridge on No. 19 Rd, just upriver of the town of Mesick. This is the original Kruger Challenge and is traditionally run in 24 hours or less. Camp spots are abundant for those wishing to complete the run in two days or more.

There will be no cache locations for this event, Challengers will be self supported the entire distance.

Shore to Shore Challenge 2010 – 271 miles, Oscoda to Manistee September 25th to October 4th Start Time 8am

Oscoda to Manistee by way of the AuSable River and Manistee River.

Quick current up the AuSable River combined with open water crossings of impounded dam ponds. Multiple short, steep portages over many hydro dams. 8 mile portage from the AuSable River watershed to the Manistee River watershed along busy M-72.

Clear quick current down the Manistee River with 2 open water crossings of impounded dam ponds and 2 portages over hydro dams. This is a much more demanding run
requiring efficient upriver paddling and portaging skills. Run can be completed in 6 days or less, but could take longer depending on your personal traveling techniques.

Portage Routes will follow the established routes already used on both the AuSable and Manistee Rivers. Take out of the AuSable near I-75 Business Loop, portage West on M-72, put in on the Manistee River at the M-72 Bridge Campground.

Cache locations for this event will be at the M-72 Bridge Campground on the Manistee River.

Shore to Shore and More Challenge 2010 –

474 miles, Oscoda to Portland

September 25th to October 10th Start Time 8am

Same route as the Shore to Shore Challenge to the town of Manistee, then South on Lake Michigan 90 miles to the mouth of the Grand River at Grand Haven. Up the Grand River 113 miles to the town of Portland and the site of the Verlen Kruger Memorial.

Slow to moderate current up the Grand River, 4 easy portages over hydro dams. This is an extreme run with open shoreline paddling on Lake Michigan. This run could take as few as 9 days, but depending on the weather, wind and waves could take as long as 14.

Same portage routes as the Shore to Shore Challenge in addition to the established portage routes around the Hydro Dams on the Grand River.

Cache locations for this event will be at the M-72 Bridge campground on the Manistee River, the town of Manistee, and the town of Grand Haven.

There will be no entry fees in association with this years events. We will however accept your generous donation to the Verlen Kruger Memorial Project for your interest in our events.

Please send check or money order to:

Verlen Kruger Memorial, PO Box 533, Portland MI 48875

For more information, questions and comments please contact:

Mike Smith -  517.526.2246

Dan Smith -  517.647.5788

Mark Przedwojewski - 231.266.2089