Bushwhacker 2010

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Verlen Kruger- The Original Bushwhacker

Bushwhacking begins May 22nd!

All Events begin at 8:30am with a shot gun start at Lumberjack Park

The Bushwhacker Sprint
10 technical miles down the Pine River to Sumner Park. There will be a few downfalls and a stretch of fast water so be prepared for some "Bushwhacking". Entry fee, $10 per boat.

The Bushwhacker Cruise
25 Bushwhacking miles down the Pine River to Alma City Park (aka: Alma Boat Launch) downtown Alma. The Cruise is set up for those who do not wish to do the full 150, or 75 mile events, but wish to spend a little more time on the water than the Sprint offers. Cruisers will travel down river on the Pine to the town of Alma. This will include a bunch of "Bushwhacking" to get past a fairly congested spot just past the town of Sumner. Cruisers may wish to take two days to complete this route, we will have camping available, no fee, for Cruisers and their landteams at Cesar's Crossing, 7195  West Polk Rd. Alma, MI 48801. Entry fee, $20 per boat.

The Halfwhacker
75 estimated miles down the Pine River ending at the Chippewa Nature Center. Camping available, no fee, for Halfwhackers and their landteams at Cesar's Crossing, 7195  West Polk Rd. Alma, MI 48801. Entry fee, $30 per boat.

The Bushwhacker 150
150 miles down the Pine River, through the towns of Alma and St. Louis and on down to the confluence at the Chippewa River. At the Chippewa Nature Center we turn and head up-stream on the Chippewa River, up through the town of Mt. Pleasant and on up to the take out for the portage at Gilmore Rd. Bridge. The 7 mile portage starts with a steep climb out of the Chippewa River Valley and up onto a nice country road route that will take us back over to the Pine River at the Pleasant Valley Rd. Bridge. Once back in the Pine River it's just a short downstream bushwhacking paddle to the finish at Lumber Jack Park. Entry fee, $50 per boat.

Canoes & Kayaks can be rented for this event by calling Chippewa River Outfitters (888) 775-6077. $30.00 per boat, reservations must be made in advance.

Available at Lumberjack Park, 9160 N. Lumberjack Rd, Riverdale MI 48877. The park is located on the Pine River with lots of camping space and great river access. Please feel free to use Lumberjack Park as a base camp for your land support teams the entire week of the event. Camping will be $5.00 per night per tent or RV. Campground facilities include restrooms with running water & campfires (similar to a State Campground).

Campground will be open for our use starting on May 20, at 4pm. Reservations are not necessary, the campground is huge!

Public & Paddlers welcome to eat!
Lasagna dinner & drink avaiable (for donations) May 21, 5-8p. Huge Pancake breakfast & drink (for donations) May 22, 7-11a.
Kids under 8 eat free! All proceeds directly benefit Lumberjack Park.

Bushwhacker 2010 Guidelines

All Bushwhackers must complete all river miles using only human powered canoes, kayaks or other small  watercraft.
All Bushwhackers must complete all portage miles using only human powered portage gear.
Portage is only allowed at designated portage points, portage points will be outlined at captains meeting.
Land assistance, bank runners, pit crews and soup/sandwich/coffee trucks are allowed. 
All Bushwhackers have 4 days and 12 hours to complete the designated 150 mile course. 
Any and all questions about above mentioned guidelines should direct inquiries to Mark @ 231-266-2089