Ultimate Kruger Challenge/Kruger Challenge 2009

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Verlen Kruger
Extreme portage in the Grand Canyon

Kruger Challenge


Don Brooks & Brian Mersmann      14 hours, 30 minutes

Connie Cannon & Bill Brundage     14 hours, 38 minutes

Bruce Barton & Rebecca Barton   14 hours, 39 minutes

Rick Gillings & Kari Wainwright      17 hours, 45 minutes

Bob Bradford & Mike Bradford      21 hours, 55 minutes


Mark Przedwojewski                       18 hours, 50 minutes

Toby Nipper                                      34 hours, 4 minutes

David Sloan                                       34 hours, 4 minutes

Ultimate Kruger Challenge

Bob Bradford & Mike Bradford       3 days, 13 hours, 25 minutes

Mark Przedwojewski                       8 days, 14 minutes
Jack Murgittroid                                9 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes

We would like to invite all experienced Expedition Paddlers to take part in this years events. In addition to the annual 100 mile Kruger Challenge we are introducing a 271 mile route that will cross the entire state of Michigan by way of the Au Sable and Big Manistee Rivers.

The Kruger Challenge

100 miles in 24 hours on the Big Manistee

M-72 bridge to Harvey Bridge.

Start at 7am on October 3rd

Paddle downstream 100 miles

$20 Donation to the Verlen Kruger Memorial

Camping at the Manistee River Bridge Public Campground Friday night.

The Ultimate Kruger Challenge

271 miles across Northern Michigan

114 miles Up the Au Sable from Lake Huron to Grayling – 7 mile portage -

150 miles down the Big Manistee, M-72 Bridge to Lake Michigan.

September 28th to October 5th

$50 Donation to the Verlen Kruger Memorial

Start on the beach of Lake Huron just South of the mouth of the AuSable River at 10:00am September 28th, paddle and portage upstream on the AuSable to the town of Grayling. Portage 7 miles west on M-72 to the Manistee River. Paddle and portage downstream on the Manistee River to Lake Michigan.

Kruger Style Guidelines-

Self supported at all Times-
Self propelled at all Times-
Self controlled at all Times

All Challengers are encouraged to use a SPOT device to make this event more enjoyable to family and friends looking in at home. If you do not use a SPOT device please phone in your time and place so we might keep track of you. These are very tough events, please be in top mental and physical shape if you take part. Call Mark @ Kruger Canoes (231.266.2089) to register and get your name on the roster. All paddling styles and paddling craft are invited to participate.